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Unlock your students’ creativity and discover the power of nature with Sol Garden & Aqua Creations! Our professional learning program provides teachers with the tools to be successful in the classroom, integrating agriculture and aquaponics into instruction. From mathematics to reading, science to technology and art, let us help you bring your classroom to life!  With over 70% of our lessons hands-on, we are committed to helping you meet and exceed state standards. Join us today and unlock the possibilities of STEAM!

Exploring the Creative Possibilities of STEAM Bioengineering with
Sol Garden & Aqua Creations

Exploring the Wonders of Sol Garden & Aqua Creations: An AfterSchool Bioengineering Program

At our STEAM Bioengineering Program, we offer engaging afterschool programs that focus on teaching bioengineering concepts. We provide all the materials and equipment necessary for students to learn, experiment and explore different aspects of bioengineering, with all equipment remaining at the school so that students can continue their work after the program ends. Our programs are aligned with state standards, and include lessons, labs, hands-on activities, and supplemental material to reinforce learning in the classroom for students to further their understanding. We strive to make 70% of our programs hands-on, allowing students to learn through active exploration and discovery.


"Exploring New Horizons: Teacher Workshops in Sol Garden & Aqua Creations STEAM Bioengineering Program"

Our STEAM bioengineering Program provides teachers with all the necessary equipment and supplemental materials to set-up a classroom. You will get to experience training from the perspective of a student so that you can better understand how to present the material to them in class. We provide lessons that are aligned to state standards, as well as coaching support to get you started. Our program caters to all types of teachers, from mathematics and science to reading and technology instructors. Our goal is to develop a STEAM bioengineering community in agriculture and aquaponics.

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